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Young by even Madonna’s standards, the iconic supermodel has a 24-year-age gap between herself and rumoured new love, Jake Curtis.

The fact that Jake – who quotes Bananas in Pyjamas as one of his liked TV shows on Facebook – is far closer in age to Kate's daughter Lila, 13, doesn’t seem to bother her.

What Freaky Friday failed to do with seriousness and warning, it made up for in its title...

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Yahoo Answers But I have seen this situation happen so many times that is just plain wrong now.

Best Answer There's something seriously emotionally wrong with any 18 yr old legal ADULT who would want to date a 13 yr old CHILD. Senior Dating In SA - Online Dating For The Over 40s.

and the 18 year old boy looks more like a 16 year old and they live on the same street . Older Dating Online - Dating Site For The Over-40s.

Before you say I'm a pedophile or anything, no I' M NOT.

I'm going to DO MY BEST to control myself on developing even deeper feelings for her. On e Bay I have met many 13 year old girls and have never fallen in love in them except to this girl who looks like she's at least 16.

I'm going to show signs that I just want to stay good friends with her, or just tell her if she asks. I'm going to DO MY BEST to control myself on developing even deeper feelings for her.

The barely-legal bloke is on a gap year which means he and Moss are free to party to the wee hours.

But wait, it gets messier as Jake is the son of her good friends, Love Actually film director Richard Curtis and his partner Emma Freud. One member of the family, who has spoken out on the relationship, is Jake’s older sister Scarlett.

Refusing to grow old stereotypically, the rocker babe certainly isn’t shy of a younger man, recently breaking up with 28-year-old Count Nikolai von Bismarck.

New lad Jake is a former public schoolboy and member of the Teddy Bear Party, seemingly up for a good time, so you can see why boozy Kate might find him appealing.

Casey and Jamie Lynn seemed to reunite for a while, although there were stories last summer that they were calling off their engagement and breaking up.