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A relationship is just like an assh*le — you know something's wrong when you can't control the sh*t that's coming out of it.

Relationships are either fueled by drama, childish antics and insecurities or love, trust and compassion.

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But when you have a healthy relationship, you'll know. You make plans with each other the same way friends do, and if you're busy Friday night, then maybe you'll just see each other Saturday… Knowing this, you both don't freak out after every fight or small mistake.You know your relationship is strong enough to get through those silly human errors.If you can think of any other positive dating relationship qualities, please consider helping other singles by sharing your views.Relationships don’t look like they used to (and that's a good thing).If you don’t feel that there is communication, sharing and trust, you are probably in an unhealthy relationship. Jenny is angry with Sarah because she barges into her room and takes her things without asking.

You may want to try talking to the other person about how you are feeling. If it’s hard for you to stop spending time with the other person because you care about them, talk about how to make your relationship healthier or ask a trusted adult for advice. Sarah complains that Jenny is disrespectful and never asks if she can borrow clothes and other things that belong to her. You may get angry if they take something that is yours, go into your room, or bother you when you have friends over.What are some signs of a good Christian dating relationship?What qualities would you look for in the “right one” for you as a Christian single?It's not about crazy positions and elaborate schemes.The sex isn't boring because it's not just sex anymore.Talking calmly helps you to understand the real reason for not getting along, and it’s much easier to figure out how to fix it.