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OWA is showing everything the same as Outlook 2010, including when changes are made to subfolders and their contents. I will check the queue although I don't think messages are being held because I did a Mail Control \ Discovery on one of the mailboxes, and the messages from today's testing are there, so they are being delivered to the Inbox in the back end, but changes are not being reflect on the clients at all.

First open exchange EMC and see that the databases are mounted.

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inbox; refresh; automatically; cache.ndk; preferences; new mail notification; notification; notify; mail; e-mail; email; no new mail displays; no Refresh icon; no refresh; refresh icon; refresh; F9; Automatically refresh Inbox; 851 You receive a new mail notification but when you try to open your Notes inbox, there is no new mail.

There is also no Refresh icon in the upper left corner of the Inbox display.

We are using outlook 2010 with exchange cached mode.

They also need to click update folder to get one of the managers calendar to update the contents.

Pressing F9 or clicking the upper left corner where the Refresh icon should be refreshes the view as expected.

You have the User Preferences option, "Automatically refresh Inbox", enabled.

The issue only happens when we add the 5GB mailbox is added.

The user receives emails immediately for 3 of the managers mailboxes(including the 5GB one) but not her own mailbox The issue is obviously with the 5GB mailbox as when it's removed everything works fine.

All 3 managers mailboxes and the other 2 calendars update without issue.

One of the senior managers has a 5GB mailbox, the others are 1GB or less.

After doing some research, it appears to be an issue with Microsoft Outlook when dealing with shared mailboxes over 2GB in size.