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She just smiled and told me to get ready for tonight. I came back down and we had dinner and talked about my day at school. She led me to the basement where our bondage equiptment was all set up and ready for the weekend. I told my mom to push her thighs into the air so I could get the rope under her.

She told met to lay on the ground with my hands behind me. I pulled the rope down between her legs and up her spine.

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And I know that some people complained about wanting the story split into parts so that's what I will do for this story. Okay so this story also includes my best friend, Juliet (Jo for short). She groaned and asked me if she could at least keep her panties on. She just rolled her eyes and removed each item of clothing.

She is very tall and has long, brunette hair and blue eyes. I told her to follow me upstairs into her master bedroom. She did as I told her to and I tied each of her limbs to a seperate post on her bed.

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