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Young Diplomats selected for travel must provide proof of a valid passport in the fall.Young Diplomats will learn and use video, photography, painting, graphic design and drawing skills to develop a greater understanding of the relationship between the symbols of citizenship, nationality and culture.

Many of us live interesting lives; developing a way to deliver the narrative is to our advantage. Movies offered a visual way to tell stories that painting and photography never could, even if those pictures were worth thousands of words.

Others lead less than adventurous existences, and so stories become transcendent vehicles for our imagination. One of the greatest and most popular storytelling machines of today, Pixar, is celebrating, as well as helping evolve, the story with its new initiative, The Art of Storytelling.

At first glance his advice seems rather benign: write about what you know. Docter says if you envision car chases, monsters, and explosions, use them, but in a context that’s connectable with others. The first drafts were failures—and each film can take thirty or more drafts.

The problem was that the movie was about a monster that scares kids. As Docter was learning how to become a father at that time, the movie became about a monster raising a child.

The storyline was universal; the audience was able to connect more. The Pixar team in this program focuses on relatability in six parts: Valeria La Pointe, a Pixar story artist, reminds watchers that the process—editing, debating, collaborating, refining—is what makes a movie watchable.

And what’s the point of telling a story other than to relate to others? A series of activities offers students of this program an opportunity to flex their imaginations in such a way.Americans who have learned western methods will often make mistakes in their witness to those of the Islamic faith.Here are three mistakes commonly made when attempting to be a witness to a Muslim.1.What: Flag Stories: Citizenship Unbound, a cultural exchange project for youth ages 13–17 When: Click here to apply online by August 8th, 2013 at 5pm.Project consists of four 10-week sessions, 2–4 hours of instruction each week, beginning Wednesday September 4th 2013 and ending Wednesday June 25th, 2014. (between 8th & 9th) with community excursions How Much: Students pay no fees, receive 0 participation stipend and a free digital camera.For many years American Missiologists have known that culture plays an important part in Christian Witness.