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Oolites are beds that contain ooids, sand-sized sphericles of carbonate (Fig. Ooids form when thin layers of carbonate mud adhear to a tiny particle such as a grain of silt or shell fragment, and grow by rolling and reworking by waves and tides.

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Allentown Metal Works is an abandoned brownfield site located at 606 S. The site has an industrial history dating back to the late 1890s.The plan for the future of the property depends on removing all of the hazardous materials from the site so that redevelopment can occur. Allentown Commercial and Industrial Development Authority (ACIDA) received EPA Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) from the City to begin the cleanup in 2014.All parts come with a two-year, unlimited mileage limited warranty.1 Most importantly, the Senior Technician for your vehicle brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise, having received special factory training for BMW Classic vehicles.Technical and archival support from BMW Group headquarters in Germany assures that your Classic will always get the very best care available.ssuring the performance and value of your Classic depends a great deal on keeping it as authentically BMW as possible.An excellent description of limestone forming environments can be found here [Return to top] The Allentown Formation was deposited in a passive margin basin that existed on the east coast of North America before the rise of the Appalachian Mountains.

At this time, North America was near the equator, and actually facing south. 9 adjacent depicts North America during the late Cambrian 510 Ma when the Allentown Formation was being deposited in eastern Pennsylvania.

In late 2015 the City received a supplement to its EPA RLF which it will loan to ACIDA to complete the work.

The Upside Allentown is a comprehensive approach to community revitalization to ensure that the city’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ), and its surrounding neighborhoods grow and thrive together.

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Most carbonate sediments were originally deposited as the minerals calcite or aragonite [Ca CO3] forming limestone.