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In college, I made chapbooks and gave them away to family and friends.

I loved every part of the process, but especially writing the poems and figuring out how to orient them on the page and then making the paper pass happily through the printer.

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So many of the literary figures I've long admired refused to situate themselves within a singular mode of writing.

They were poets, they were playwrights, they were essayists, they were novelists.

The most accurate definition of a poem that I have ever heard is Theodor Adorno's: "a philosophical sundial telling the time of history." Employing a simile to describe what is difficult to articulate literally, Adorno captures the figurative nature of poetry, how lyric poems describe social reality through symbolic figuration.

Lately I've been haunted by disembodied lines, little phrases that bubble up unexpectedly and which my mind keeps playing over.

Crossing the street, I'm arrested mid-step by snippets of text, or find myself troubled by some lingering musical pairing of words at a checkout counter, wondering where they came from.

I have always valued what it means to write across different genres.

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