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Matthew Mosshart, brother of The Dead Weather/The Kills lead singer Alison Mosshart, has popped the question to his girlfriend Kelly Osbourne, who is the daughter of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. Julianne Moore studied The Kills star Alison Mosshart to get in to the mindset of playing a rocker in new film What Maisie Knew.The Big Lebowski star fell in love with Mosshart's band, whose music...

Co-founder and guitarist Jamie Hince’s relationship with Kate Moss (they’re now engaged) helped keep the group in our thoughts, but it was no substitute for a proper dose of creepy-chic retro cool. if people talk about how we dress—because I can say I’m really glad I don’t dress like a roadie. We’re usually on the same page—hanging out all the time, listening to music and living in each other’s pockets—but now I’d been away and he’d been away and we were doing different things.

Four years since I don’t think any kind of break can fuck with 11 and a half years, you know? It’s a show and I’m a performer and an artist and I’m not just gonna show up in sweat pants If I were going to do a book on The Kills and hired a photo researcher to delve into your past, would I find a photo of you in sweat pants? He was listening to a lot of Roxy Music and Grace Jones, and I was just surrounded by that Southern blues world.

And according to the singer, the rest of the Dead Weather are “on different corners of the planet.” For now, is all we get from the band.

“But that’s got to be kind of a relief though, right?

The Kills are quite possibly rock’n’roll’s best-kept secret.

Except someone’s gone and blown their cover — Kate Moss, Jamie’s partner of three years and, as of last July, his wife.

The Kills‘ frontwoman Alison Mosshart has issued a statement regarding tabloid rumours that she and Jack White recently engaged in a fist fight while drinking in a New York bar.

According to Mosshart, she and The White Stripes man, with whom she’s collaborating in the new band The Dead Weather, did no such thing.

Edie Campbell gets her fashion inspiration from literature.

The British model has admitted classic literary figures like detective Sherlock Holmes and Shakespearean characters are her muses for her androgynous 60s inspired look, but she also admires...

’ I would spend a lot of time singing at him, trying to get him up [from the drums].” It has been a while, however, since the band has actually toured.