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The harp-laden "No Offense" plays to Kitty's dream-rap leanings, while "R. She released projects titled , posting half-sarcastic entries on Tumblr and treating music like a teenage pipe dream.

But the redhead mounted Web interest through music videos shot in her bedroom and on the boardwalk with fellow rapper Riff Raff.

After mining Internet gold with her tongue-in-cheek sleeper hit "Okay Cupid," Kitty didn't see a future in hip-hop. M." She also revisits "ay shawty: THE SHREKONING," a gooey cut featured on last summer's EP that recurs as "Ay Shawty" featuring Lakutis."It's a completely different song.

"I actually did it in a studio, which was so awful and terrifying. I had to seriously do psychological warm-ups before I went to that studio, it was really weird," says Kitty, who admits to crying after every live performance."But I guess in the end, you can at least understand what I'm saying now and it doesn't sound like I'm talking through a tin can. Lucia Talks Debut LP & Ellie Goulding Tour The independent release, which took a week to record and another to mix, came on the heels of label interest.When she decided to become a rapper: I was listening to Nicki Minaj with my friends.And after one of my boyfriends was particularly awful, I was just freestyling about how much of an a**hole he was.So many survivors–regardless of gender–are asked, “Well, why didn’t you do anything?

” Freezing is a real and normal response, for men and women, and people need to understand that.It was funny, so we went home and recorded it on my Mac Book and I put it on my blog. People read it said it was hilarious, so I was like, "I'm going to keep on doing this."On who she represents: Little, shy teenage girls. On learning to be comfortable with herself: When I was younger I went through a super self-conscious stage and I would wonder, "Am I funny enough? He’s writing his next album right now, and since SKYWLKR, Paul White, and some U. grime producers are involved, we can expect another endearingly frenetic release. For now, check out our unabridged conversation: I’m curious, how do festivals work? Is it different performing for a festival as opposed to being on tour? I mean, I always used to be an outsider looking in and shit.