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This lists the songs that were number one in the US on any date from January 1, 1940 to present.

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This can sometimes cause problems for candidates (even high-level ones) who cannot automatically recognise the names of the letters in English – perhaps because they missed out on learning English at the very elementary level and their sounds do not match their names.

The ones which most frequently cause trouble are: Quite often you will hear more than date/time/number and the one you need is not the first one you hear.

If you require a band score 7 or above, you should really aim to get 10 out of 10 here – as the questions only get harder.

However, it can be surprisingly easy to make mistakes in this part if you are unprepared.

Whether you're across the country or across the globe, they can call you like you're right next door.

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To make it harder, sometimes the speaker gives one piece of information and then goes back and corrects it.

Parents are being reminded to pre-vet every app their young children download amid renewed concerns that virtual reality gaming is exposing minors to sexual advances.

To help you out, I describe some of more problems and explain how to do with numbers addresses and dates listening – the questions everyone should get right.

There is a full part one listening practice at the end.

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