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The Treaty of Rastatt (1714) established Austrian rule over what had been the Spanish Netherlands, with some territories ceded to the Dutch Republic and Prussia.The Austrians agreed to a decentralised rule, with the Dutch responsible for the defence at the French border.The ideas of the French Revolution (1789) soon spread across Europe and caused the Brabantian Revolution (1790) in the Austrian Netherlands, declaring independence of the United States of Belgium.

The Austrian line of the Habsburg dynasty conquered the Southern Netherlands during the War of the Spanish Succession (1700-1714), which was a result of the male line of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty, which had ruled the Low Countries since 1482, becoming extinct.During that war, Austria was supported by Great Britain and the Dutch Republic, who both wished to prevent France from annexing this area.The IOS, Android and web-based app aims to solve the problem."Refugees Connect," which placed second, allows refugees in Austria to connect with other refugees and aid workers across the country.According to event organiser, Helene Patterman, the app "works like a walkie-talkie."Patterman says: "[Refugees Connect] is a powerful app.Austria formally ceded it in 1797 with the Treaty of Campo Formio.

The Brabantian Revolution proved to be the first attempt to an independent Belgium.

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