Automatically updating cells from sourcebook to link book in excel

In excel, click select the tab data, then go across to the section on the far left that says 'get external data' then select 'from other sources' and go down to 'from XML data import' then click 'all files' in the bottom right corner in the pop up menu then find your file and click ok. Try going to the tab 'data' and where it says refresh all under 'connections' click the drop down arrow and select 'connection properties'. What I am currently doing is to export the stock list from the POS system in excel and paste it into another workbook where it gets arranged into relevant data that I can use (I'll include example attachments so you can understand what i'm trying to convey here).

automatically updating cells from sourcebook to link book in excel-41

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As a chemistry student who uses this program and wanted to learn how to make excel do more, I found Billo's book useless. The accompanying disk did not work(it was not even formatted!

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