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The brief introduction below is just a summary of why these top 5 sites are ranked near the top among 50 online dating websites for biker singles and friends.

The detailed reviews composed by veterans riders will give you useful dating tips and advice about how to date a biker, what you need to consider about online dating, when to make a choice and which is the best one for you.

Seriously, the Internet has changed the world, and we are proud to be part of that change!

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It’s all about respect for the roads and trails we ride, ensuring litter isn’t dropped and obstructions removed if approached.We’ve learnt to be considerate of others, and that goes for both on and off the bike.Now, within seconds, you can connect with huge numbers of people who share very specific interests. There are a number of options within Cycling Passions to help connect members, including the following: Cycling ‘Groups’ allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities.Cycling Forums allow members to post on topics of interest.We explore our local areas and venture out to seek new routes to discover, and with this we’ve developed a pretty good sense of direction.

Unless you’re the TWC Editor who seems to have missed out on developing this cycling skill!From road to mountain biking and from amateur to competitive cyclist - hit the road: register and create a profile now.Trek frame serial numbers (SNs) are typically stamped into the bottom of the bottom bracket shell.They also verify users' driving license, photos and age so you will see real biker singles there.It has been dedicated to biker dating service for 15 years since 2002.The other place Trek (or their subcontractors) stamped the SN is at the lower end of the seat tube.