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He was also an advocate for education and the study of history,, 1921. (1892–1970), a direct descendant of Nathan Bradley—the first American Bradley, born in the colony of Massachusetts in 1631. Chevalier Josephine de Gersdorff, Bradlee's mother, was a direct descendant of Heinrich XXIX, Count of Reuss-Ebersdorf, who was a lineal descendant of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, King John of Denmark, King Casimir IV of Poland, and John V, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst.

His mother, Josephine de Gersdorff (1896–1975), was awarded the French Legion of Honour for starting an orphanage that sheltered children from Nazi Germany during World War II. Bradlee's maternal grandmother was Helen Suzette Crowninshield (1868–1941), daughter of artist Frederic Crowninshield (1845–1918), another member of the Crowninshield family. Through his father Frederick, Bradlee was also a lineal descendant of King Henry VII of England by an unknown British woman through their son Sir Roland de Velville. Ernst Bruno von Gersdorff, who was a third cousin of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom through Heinrich XXIX.

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These marriage records come from the Indiana State Board of Health indexes.In some of the older records, the given names were heavily abbreviated, probably due to limitations in the computer technology of the period.The Elon campus provides a variety of settings for leisurely strolls, solitary naps, and catching up on gossip. A Way of Life 1 1 HOMECOMING 1987 Running back Dwayne Clark took the homecoming theme to heart, as he treated football fans to his own style of celebration. »,• --.^f- , V-- Greek for Life 49 Pi Kappa Phi, from left to right: front — Willy Drewry, Bob Brown: row 2 — Eric Stiegle, Chip Lupo, Autumn Jordan (sweetheart), Rob Briskman. 8 A Way of Life AWAY OF LIFE A Way of Life 8 Campus Clips A Part of Life 20 Academics Slices of Life 30 Mini-Magazine Greek for Life 40 Fraternities and Sororities Getting the Most Out of Life 58 Organizations Life in the Fast Lane 84 Athletics Still Life 110 People Life Lines 170 Index Making a Living 183 Advertisements ORIENTATION New Students move in, settle down and sign up Orientation means adjusting to a new en- vironment or situation. Resi- dent Assistants and Orientation Counselors (right) were on hand tor welcoming new students and pass- ing out room keys. Clark and his team- mates had reason to celebrate when Elon defeated Lenoir-Rhyne 42-24. ELON COLLEGE T-H-A-T-'S LIF PHI PSI CLI 1981 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2009 with funding from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill THAT'S LIFE Phi Psi Cli Eton College Elon College, NC 27244 2 That's Life 4 That's Life BARNEY '^Ak -.'^ -^^ TAKING LIFE 6 That's Life Student life can be hectic. Phil Murdock, Chris Ford, David King, Max Miller, Jim Kozuch, Frank Mc Kee. At right, the Kappa Sig "cheerleaders" entertained with a skit. Beth Boyer, Gayle Arfcwright, Barri Greenberg, Pam Treeney. Elizabeth Nye, Kerry Doyle, Suzanne Roth, Linda Hamilton, Karen Whitney Kelly Watts, Cabby Ray mar. Shelli Mackay, Susan Ryan: row 3 — Kim Stanley Karen Trader, Ann Walters, Rene Dignard, Shelly Rudd, Sandy Reese, Kim Smith, Karen Elizabeth Whelen, Trish Slawson, Tina Albright, Holly Hance.

But when there are a few minutes to spare, Elon stu- dents use them to relax and hang out — alone or with friends. A family member parks his lawn chair in a shady location while guarding the next load. Greek for Life 47 Omega Psi Phi Little Sisters, from left to right: seated — Karen Cain, Rene Mauldin; standing ■ Veronica King. Phi Mu Officers, from left to right: Kerry Doyle, Panhellenic Representative; Christy Johnson, Chaplain; Bonnie Finn, President; Kelly Waffs, Secretary; Linda Hamilton, Provisional Director; Holly Hance, Vice President; Faith Uhar, Rush Chairman.

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