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We ended up having to cut our order down after or final payment and she refunded us for the ones we didn't get.

Great service, opted for delivery and set up and they looked great! I was looking forward to the cake the most, and she delivered exactly as promised.

I was a little nervous choosing a cake vendor and not doing a taste test first.Tina was very helpful in providing suggestions as she knew that I was trusting her fully.Y., who’d graciously offered their refrigerators for storing the miniature works of art.Following the delivery, she even rewarded me for my assistance with a cake that didn’t make the final cut.The cake will be able to be picked up at my address on the arranged date and time.

Fun cakes, fondant decorations and specialty cakes may have additional charges.Please note that I said “cakes.” For there were more than 100 of them — perfect little wedding cakes meant for two, gorgeously decorated confections created for a Bridezilla who believed all guests deserved their own personal wedding cake.“She saw it in a magazine and went to all the local bakeries but nobody wanted to take on the job,” Wendy explained with a laugh as we set about carefully boxing up the baby bridal cakes.Once they were packaged, they were ferried into the kitchen by various neighbors in her cul-du-sac in Syracuse, N.Over dinner later that night, I asked Wendy how she had developed her cake-making chops.She explained that she’d always been the natural baker in her family of three daughters, but really found her footing when Karen, her middle sister (Wendy is the eldest) needed a wedding cake.My husband and I are so happy we chose to go with the Cake Lady for our wedding.