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Amio boudeer guude amar laura ta dhokate aar bar korte korte bolte laglam, "hi amar Sapna rani amio tomar guud chude chude khuub aram pachhee.

Nao, aaroo nao amar laura thap gulo tomar guuder bhetor obdee nao amar.

Subhash ei katha ta bojhe na je meyechele der shoreer aste aste garom hoye. Amar mone hoye je tomar choda khabar pore amar guud aar Subhasher laura diye choda khabar pachondo korbe na.

Karon tomar laura ta diye amar guud ta aro khule jabe aar guuder bhetore Subhasher tomar theke patla aar choto laura ta dhile dhile bhabe jabe aar ei rakomer dhile dhala laura to kom kore amar guud to satisfy hote parbe na.” Ami Sapnar mayee duto chatkate chatkate jigesh korlam, "Sapna, theek theek bolo to tumi biye aageo anno karur bara nijer guude niyecho?

Slytherin is one of the four Houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded by Salazar Slytherin.

Salazar instructed the sorting hat to choose a few particular characteristics he most valued.

Hinden [ July 2017 ] (TXT = 42751) (Obsoletes ) (Also ) (Status: INTERNET STANDARD) (Stream: IETF, Area: int, WG: 6man) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8201) Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification S. Hinden [ July 2017 ] (TXT = 93658) (Obsoletes ) (Also ) (Status: INTERNET STANDARD) (Stream: IETF, Area: int, WG: 6man) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8200) Aggressive Use of DNSSEC-Validated Cache K.

Kumari [ July 2017 ] (TXT = 27918) (Updates ) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (Stream: IETF, Area: ops, WG: dnsop) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8198) IS-IS Autoconfiguration B. Aamar aajker bhaggoo ta khuub bhalo kenona aaj ami tomar moton sundoreer guude amar bara ta dhukiye tomake chudchee. Theek theek bolo to, ke tomar ei ras bhortee guud ta ke beshi bhalo bhabe chode, Ami na Subhash?Amar thap khete khete Sapna boudee amake bollo, "Partho, ami tomake aar ki bolbo, ami tomar chodon kheye khoob khuushee. Hankins [ July 2017 ] (TXT = 12552) (Updates ) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (Stream: IETF, Area: ops, WG: grow) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8212) BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication J. Scudder [ July 2017 ] (TXT = 12532) (Updates ) (Status: PROPOSED STANDARD) (Stream: IETF, Area: rtg, WG: idr) (DOI: 10.17487/RFC8203) Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6 J. Keen on developing your own SMS solutions or enhance your application but do not have the time? Our expert developers will integrate our Bulk SMS plugin into your Premium Reliable SMS Gateway offers you with wide range of reliable SMS solutions which include Premium SMS services to 20 different countries globally. Your company might have plans to launch Singapore sms marketing and send bulk sms to Singapore clients.