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Though a university talent scout is set to offer Mike a full-ride scholarship should he play well, Mike tosses the ball, runs to his paramour and proposes marriage. " Little does he know that the janitor does more than just push mops."You and me, we're in this together," he tells her. He's been working for a pharmaceutical company for 16 years, but after getting passed over for promotion (again), Mike flips out, crushes his boss's cell phone earpiece against the wall and summarily gets fired. A few hours later, the custodian winds Mike's chronological clock backward and transforms him into—behold!Regardless, when I rewatched it the other day I couldn’t say, “I forgot how funny this was! The classic digs, the nerd jokes, the awkward dating situations – it’s hilarious! If you’re not familiar with the movie, hit theaters in 2009.

Mike is high school royalty, a swoosh-haired, six-pack-ab'ed fellow who looks a good deal like Zac Efron and is beloved by nearly everyone.

But alas, Mike's noble life gets, um, for a loop when his girlfriend, Scarlett, announces she's pregnant—right before the big game, at that.

All the students are just given condoms, since their school doesn’t have faith that any of them will remain abstinent.

Mike doesn’t count these young adults out, but rather conveys why waiting until marriage is a beautiful thing.

Sooner or later you all come back to your old school, stand there and look at the picture of the glory days wondering "What might have been".

17 AGAIN Written by Jason Filardi October 2007 EXT. Mike's hair, a pompadour mullet a la `21 Jump Street' and short shorts circa 1989. COACH HARVEY First game of the season and the scouts are already lining up.

Mike stands feet BEYOND the 3 point line, grabs balls from a hopper and rapidly shoots, shoots, shoots.

A PLAYER kneeling in front holds a sign, `FITCH FALCONS, 1989'.

Yay though we venture through The Valley of the stars You and all your jewelry And my bleeding heart Who couldn't be together And who could not be apart We should've jumped out Of that airplane after all Flying skyways overhead It wasn't hard to fall And I had so many crashes That I couldn't feel At all...

And it feels like I'm seventeen again Feels like I'm seventeen Times might break you God forsake you Leave you burned and bruised Innocence will teach you What it feels like to be used Thought that you'd done everything You didn't have a clue And it feels like I'm seventeen again Feels like I'm seventeen Looking from the outside in Some things never change Hey hey I'm a million miles away Funny how it seems like yesterday ...

As a seventeen year old, he chose to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Scarlet (Leslie Mann), instead of accepting a full-ride basketball scholarship.