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No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you may be wondering if he or she’s still interested in you.

On the other hand, when your partner isn’t truly invested or dedicated to you and your relationship, he or she’ll no longer care enough to disagree with you. If you’re wondering if your partner is still interested in you, he or she’ll also take a strong interest in your future together.

And when your partner doesn’t think it’s even worth mentioning his or her differing opinion or point of view, it’s because he or she feels that it’s simply not worth it in every sense. With this in mind, when you and your partner are on the same page about where things are heading and can openly discuss what you truly want going forward, this is a clear sign that your partner is in it for the long haul.

The following list includes many things a guy may unconsciously do while speaking with you that will give away his thoughts.

There are things men may do even when not engaged in conversation with a woman that betray their feelings.

In other words, whether this person showers you with gifts or lends a helping hand to fix your clogged shower, his or her end goal is to be with you in the end.5. While it may seem surprising, when your partner is fully interested in you, he or she’ll be willing to disagree with you from time to time.

In fact, conflict plays a vital role in developing a long-lasting relationship, as it helps to improve your communication skills as a couple as well as enables you to work as a team to resolve the issue at hand.Although men are much less complex than women, they can still be hard to read when it comes to attraction – , like blushing.Click here to learn how you can use your own body language to your advantage.If he’s shy, he might give you little glances instead of staring.If he tries to be near you as you move about the room or just “pops up” next to you often, it means he wants to be close to you.If this is the case, avoid investing yourself in this guy any further, lest you’ll be setting yourself up to get hurt.