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The relationship continued to grow until just after the couple's first year anniversary in October.

That's when Jenn found a used condom in his bathroom. "He said 'I cheated twice: Once this summer and once yesterday.' He apologized, said I was the love of his life and he would do anything to make it work.

As you can imagine, emotional manipulation with a spouse or lover can be the most dangerous, considering the intimate nature of the relationship.

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This foundation of respect, trust, and security is necessary in all personal relationships — your marriage or love relationships; your relationship with your family members; and your close friendships.

Both people must be committed to the health of the relationship and possess a strong emotional intelligence in order for the connection to thrive.

A manipulator can be a man or a woman, of any age, and the manipulation can occur anywhere – in a relationship, family, workplace, or even with strangers.

Several cult leaders are known to be master manipulators in making people do things they would otherwise think twice about.

This is the ideal foundation for a good relationship, but of course all of us fall short of this ideal from time to time.

We might use passive aggressive tactics to express our pain or get our way in a disagreement.Do you have the spine to stand your ground and say ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something?Manipulative partners subconsciously seek partners who can be manipulated into giving in because they’re selfish and always want things their own way.If you constantly feel hurt and belittled, and yet find yourself apologizing for wrongs you can’t remember having done, then you, my friend, are a victim of emotional manipulation by your partner. Emotional manipulation is a kind of influence exerted by one person upon another person or group of people, where the manipulator uses arguments and rationalizations to make others feel or act a certain way.The manipulated person is usually made to feel guilty, responsible, and is often confused.But somehow, two single, successful, beautiful New York blondes exchanged the flowers and stories over drinks at a So Ho bar on Feb. For Jenn and Annamaria*, this February is much more of a black rose kind of month. And it turns out, they weren't alone -- during the course of their relationships, Matthew admitted to having at least five additional girls on the side. For the past few weeks, Jenn and Annamaria have been living that nightmare together, piecing together the facts and helping each other to move on.