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The important thing is that we finish with a set of headshots and full length portrait photographs that work for you.

You will never regret having Portrait Photography photos to cherish, but you may regret not having those same images.

A professional head-shot photographer will instinctively know how to bring out the best of your features in order to make the right impact.

As portrait photography doesn't have to involve furry rugs, hard backed chairs and forced smiles, so typical of portrait images of yesteryear.

In contrast, my portrait sessions are about puddles, rivers and trees, forests and beaches, sunsets and sunrises and your family's own personality, albeit that I do have professional portable lighting equipment, that allows me to set up a portrait background in a flash and which might be more appropriate for Corporate Headshots, Modelling & Fashion Portfolios, Social Media /or Dating Site Profile Photos, Family Gatherings, Pets and Babies /or if that is simply what you would prefer.

My approach is to make it look like you have a friend with a nice camera who happened to take some great shots of you while you were at one of your favorite hangouts or doing a favorite activity.

I'll guide you through what to wear, which poses will be most flattering and natural, and I can even have a panel of experts review your final images to recommend their favorites.

In these times of Facebook, online dating and personal websites, there is more of a call than ever for professional portrait photography.

It is so important to ‘get it right’ in order to make a good first impression.

I edit in a mixture of colour and black and white, as I think suits the individual photograph. My approach is very much person centred and I realise that many people are self-conscious about their appearance.

I’m happy to take things slowly and work at the speed that you’re comfortable with.

Every person is different and special in their own, unique way, so every portrait should be too.

For this reason, it is important to me to get to know my subject/s a little before beginning the shoot and so that the final images represent as much the inner you, as the outer shell. This is why so many Portrait Studios charge an arm and a leg to start with and then include all sorts of hidden extras to make, what should be a happy and joyful experience, a painful one.

With help from freelance photographer and PR specialist, Toby Aiken, we discovered the six things you can do today that will perfect your profile pictures and help you have a better time online. Otherwise, read on for our photography master-class. If you opt to skip the personal photos in your profile, you automatically alienate more than half of your potential audience.