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But as Jackie is the co-founder of Lighter Life, the drastic low-calorie weight-loss plan that she pioneered with business partner Bar Hewlett, it is a bitter irony indeed.The regime consists of a 530-calorie-a-day plan, one marketed under the banner that it is fast, simple and safe.An outstanding tactician, he was made all the more iconic for his missing eye, and Date was often called dokuganryū (独眼竜), or the "one-eyed dragon".

Doctors diagnosed her with keratoconus, an eye disease that thins the cornea and changes it to the shape of an inflated cone.Weeks later, her left eye suffered the same fate, and she was completely blind."Everyone has different needs when it comes to eye patches. JOHN FORD, Film Director best known for his early westerns. Deb's patches work for me because I am one of those picky perfectionists! ANA de MENDOZA Princess of Eboli (Spain), who is reputed to have lost her eye in a dual at the age of 14. Waise bhi hamne bahut pee lee hai, jyada mat peeyo….

Aur bolo arre mast maal hai…chalo daaru nahi tho yehi sahi..Piracy or pirating is the name of a specific crime under customary international law and also the name of a number of crimes under the municipal law of a number of states.Getting the Look Having the Personality Walking the Walk Community Q&A Femme fatale literally means "fatal woman" in French.I’ve been hearing about this a lot lately from a few different folks, so wanted to write a post on it.Most men tuck tail and run when they encounter an angry girl.For fictional characters, there's Elle Driver in Kill Bill.__________________ "East is East and West is West and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does." Purveyor of fine science fiction since 1982.