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And so, Dave Macklovitch, one half of the electro-funk duo that coyly and brilliantly melds everything from Jodeci to Hall & Oates to Chic, recently met up for an interview at the bar of the No Mad Restaurant in New York City. The sartorially mindful Macklovitch, who taught French at Columbia and goes by Dave 1 when he's onstage, approaches restaurants in much the same way he does music: you have to embrace both highbrow and lowbrow, and snobbery should never enter into the equation.

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Their sound draws from blue-eyed soul, dance music, rock, "electro-synth...disco and also (arguably primarily) funk".

The duo met in the mid-1990s at Coll├Ęge Stanislas in Montreal.

Critics compared the sound to 1980s groups Hall & Oates, According to Dave 1, "She's in Control didn't blow up.

But we had "Needy Girl", and "Needy Girl" was like a musical passport.Also, as far as he's concerned, nothing beats his mother's French-Moroccan cooking. My mom is from Morocco, so she cooks French and Moroccan food. We'd do Moroccan food once or twice a week, and then the rest were just French staples. French cuisine itself is kind of a hybrid of run of the mill Italian dishes and French standards. That song went all around the world and DJs played it everywhere".After about a year spent touring in support of their third album, "Business Casual," the band Chromeo finally has some time to breathe. "It's got a little more sheen." So does the music video, which premiered this week (watch it below! In the spirit of good fun, we asked Macklovitch to go where no self-respecting man has gone before and list off things that make a guy jealous, a.k.a. Talk to other guys while wearing a jacket your boyfriend bought you.