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If you haven’t noticed, arguments are a major way humans communicate with each other.It’s a sign of individualism, a difference in perspectives, and the courage to stand firm in your beliefs.

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They start out as infatuation; all you want do is spend time with, talk to, and get to know your partner.

It might even seem like you agree on everything that comes up.

Without arguments, some of life’s major discoveries wouldn’t have been made.

Despite their natural occurrence, arguments are perceived as negative when it comes to romantic relationships, but this may not be the case. It’s a misconception that an argument means the same thing as a fight, and it’s this misconception that can put a great deal of strain on a relationship.

Make consistent, transparent communication in your marriage a priority. When we have an expectation for how things are supposed to happen, and then they don’t happen that way, it creates frustration and that frustration often leads to an argument.

Communicating does for a marriage what breathing does for your lungs! We tend to “blame” (either out loud or subconsciously) our spouse for the unfulfilled expectation.Remember that your goal is not to upset each other, but to resolve the issue.Respect your partner as well as yourself by keeping calm and refrain from using insults, sarcasm, name calling or even threatening to break up!It’s when a relationship starts to develop that things begin to get difficult.Instead of seemingly agreeing on everything, you might find that you don’t match up when it comes to the details you find out later.This is inevitable as we are talking about two different individuals with differing views here…Yes, even though it is prevalent in every relationships, it is still definitely frustrating and distressing to have an argument with your partner! Since it is unavoidable that arguments will happen, why not have a CONSTRUCTIVE argument in the first place?