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What they might call a “fluky coincidence” turned out to make perfect sense as other members Richie Connolly, Deco Connolly and Des Finn were having some problems with their former band.

“It just made perfect sense to join forces and we haven't really looked back since,” says Craig.

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Now that I think about it, “Game of Thrones in space” isn’t the worst way to introduce The Collapsing Empire, the latest from John Scalzi.

It’s not the best, either—that description sells The Collapsing Empire short—but both stories are centered on powerful dynasties butting heads.

Expect pressure for in-app purchases, either for the coolest clothes (which require a premium in-game currency) or for energy to complete tasks more quickly.

Ads (full-screen) are prevalent but can be removed with any purchase.

As you'll know from reading the August (89) issue of Empire, Steven Soderbergh dashed off the script for Sex, Lies and Videotape in a week in an act of 'personal catharsis', based on his own trudges through the quagmire of intimate relationships.

This leads one to the conclusion that Steven Soderbergh must be one very weird dude. Startling in its subject matter: adultery, masturbation, voyeurism are all given a kinky twist via the intrusion of 80s technology.Ahead of the release of their Small Mercies EP, Red Empire’s frontman Craig Cahill chatted to Robert Morrissey about the new tracks, upcoming shows and how Joy Division have a “profound effect” on his songwriting.Red Empire formed almost five years ago when members of the band were collectively looking for something new.The opening scene’s superimposed screen chat (with the text appearing alongside the actors) might be slightly worrying, but what could have been an awful gimmick sets up some beautifully timed gags later on — it’s this kind of slack that you have to cut Sex Drive for later pay-offs.The cast handle the jokes better than the straight stuff, with Clark Duke — seemingly the next in line to Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill etc. Josh Zuckerman revels in his nerdy humiliations, but struggles to fill Cusack’s leading man shoes, while Amanda Crew acquits ‘there-all-along girl’ duties with aplomb.The band met through a mutual friend, Joe Jewell, a well-known musician in his own right who knew Craig and Gar Mc Carthy.