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We can act on your behalf for an independent valuation to be obtained & to prepare & serve the Notice of Claim upon your Landlord.

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There is no need to prove mismanagement by the landlord or the current managing agent to implement the right.We can act on your behalf to form the RTM Company, serve the Invitation Notices and the Notice of Claim to put you (via the RTM Company) in control of the management of the building at comparatively small cost Extend your lease by an additional 90 years over and above your existing term, all at a 'peppercorn' (i.e. This can be very beneficial for lessees with short leases or those with high levels of ground rent or undesirable ground rent review clauses. I used to be a level 2, enrolled nurse and did my conversion course in 2000, I was told if I did not convert then I would be out of a job as EN's were being phased out ! See: Hope that helps although not seen a level 2 nurse for ages!This section also includes downloadable guides for schedule providers and Digital UK's LCN Policy.

Hi, Do any of you have level 2 nurses working with you? I still know several EN's who did not convet and are still working on band 5 without any of the stress of studying, it does not seem fair !!! She is working as a PN now but in a large practice with lots of level 1 nurses. There is a scope of professional practice for level 2 nurses that the nmc have published and they state that they are still competent, registered nurses and no limitations should be placed on them.Having said that is really good and patients love her. That is why the training was shorter with less entry qualifications.I trained as an EN (since converted)and I disagree with with you they can progress and some are very experienced.I had a tutor who trained us to level one standards it was very intense. I too was a former enrolled nurse and very proud of it.We sell an extensive selection of pre-owned items at both locations.