Error validating cardaccount number range

By default, the validator ensures that the following information is provided: property specifies, including the slash (/), backslash (\), dash (-), and period (.) characters.

By default, the input format of the date in a String is “mm/dd/yyyy” where “mm” is the month, “dd” is the day, and “yyyy” is the year.

You use these validators for common types of data, including credit card numbers, dates, e-mail addresses, numbers, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, strings, and ZIP codes.

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The following example uses the Currency Validator class to validate a currency value entered in U. dollars and in Euros: The Date Validator class validates that a String, Date, or Object contains a proper date and matches a specified format.Users can enter a single digit or two digits for month, day, and year.) could be returned for an eligible card meeting the qualification criteria of the offer or benefit.Multiple 'Eligibility Level' could be configured for the same offer and returned in the response for an eligible card which could be used to create customer access levels.Payment processors such as Visa and Master Card provide credit card authentication services to merchants.

One step in credit card authentication is to make sure the credit card number has the right number range and format for a valid card.This allows variable length digits to be used and the length to be changed.If there is a single check digit added to the original number, the system will not always capture multiple errors, such as two replacement errors (12 → 34) though, typically, double errors will be caught 90% of the time (both changes would need to change the output by offsetting amounts).Card authentication helps protect merchants against the use of counterfeit physical credit cards for in-person transactions.For online transactions, where the card is not physically present, the authentication process ensures that the credit card information the customer has given the merchant is valid.The Visa Card Eligibility Service (VCES) APIs can be used in sandbox by any developer.