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Eventually, the true colors will show and it will be around that time when you start complaining about mixed signals.Most of the time, you can spot these types a mile away; always listen to your instincts because you should be able to tell if someone is genuine or not.

Maybe he enjoys physical contact, but he is not making any moves.

Maybe he's just plain uncomfortable about using a word "boyfriend".

Here are six reasons why there is no such thing as mixed signals in the dating world: If someone's words (or text messages) lead you to believe that he or she is into you, but the actions prove otherwise, listen to the actions. A female or male player might pretend to be interested in you or even pretend to care about you because he or she might have some sort of ulterior motive.

Do not let yourself get confused because someone said “Hey gorgeous, I'd love to see you sometime soon” but the person doesn't actually ever make plans to see you. If someone is playing you, it can create a false sense of intimacy.

Men, direct as they may be towards their bros, can sometimes fall victim to being less than direct to womenfolk.

It’s just hard for some of them to outright say what they want.When you're first starting to date someone, you are still in the process of getting to know them as a person, even if it feels at times like you've known them forever.This part of dating can be totally exciting, but the uncertainty and newness of it all often leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and possibly mixed signals. Let's take a look at Lindsey's case: the man she is dating simply doesn't want to feel alone. Because she is there, and willing to continue being there for him.If you are crushing on a guy, and he tells you this, run.Run far away from him, as fast as you can, and don’t think twice.It is said that girls have a reputation for sending mixed signals, but this particular problem when forming a relationship runs both ways, and you can, just as often, find yourself in a situation where you get mixed signals from guys that makes you wish you know how to read men's minds.