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That character has flaws just like anyone else and she wanted to talk about that in an honest way.Going forward, you’ll see how her actions impact her in that relationship.

Vulture spoke with Jay Ellis about how fans have turned on Issa, whether or not he’s #Team Tasha, getting intimate for TV, and why working on a female-dominated show is so refreshing. How did you react to learning that Issa actually does cheat on him? After a while, one of the PAs knocked on my door like, “Is everything okay?” I played it cool, picked it up, and finished reading. I’m actually still pissed right now and don’t want to talk to Issa [laughs]. Issa wanted to show that women can be vulnerable and make mistakes — it’s not always the guy that does it.But district officials did not back down on Monday, insisting that they “remain strong in our belief that the District’s course of action …appropriately serves the dignity and privacy of all students in our educational environment.” [] The school district standoff in Illinois comes at a time of nationwide debate over the rights of transgender individuals. states — including Illinois — now prohibit discrimination against transgender people, with scores of cities following suit.“The district’s policy stigmatized me, often making me feel like I was not a ‘normal person.’ ” The school district now has 30 days to reach an agreement with authorities or risk losing up to million in federal funding.

The case could also be referred to the Department of Justice.

The report, which caps a two-year investigation, found that Township High School District 211 in Palatine, Ill., unfairly denied the transgender teenager — who was undergoing hormone therapy but had not undergone gender reassignment surgery — access to school facilities in violation of Title IX, that bars discrimination in federally funded education programs, causing her “isolation,” “ostracism” and at least one “tearful breakdown.” “The denial of access has also meant that, in order to satisfy her graduation requirements and receive a high school diploma, Student A has had no other option but to accept being treated differently than other students by the District,” according to the 14-page report from the U. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

The student, who has not been publicly named, rejoiced at the report’s release.

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