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All our prices reflect the following : Many 16v Twin Spark & JTS engines suffer from a loud rattling at idle. Replacing this at the same time as the cam belt can be done at no extra labour cost.

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Italy has a rich and passionate culture, with a history of emotion ruling judgement more often than not.Build a beautiful 56-metre tall bell tower on soft ground, why not.Remember, replacement of the belt is only a fraction of the cost of repairing damage caused should the belt break.1.3 L (1,290 cc (78.7 cu in)) 1.3 L (1,357 cc (82.8 cu in)) 1.6 L (1,567 cc (95.6 cu in)) 1.7 L (1,749 cc (106.7 cu in)) 1.8 L (1,773 cc (108.2 cu in)) 1.8 L (1,779 cc (108.6 cu in)) 2.0 L (1,962 cc (119.7 cu in)) The Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine is an all-alloy Inline-four engine series produced by Alfa Romeo from 1954 to 1994.These have mostly been Alfa V6 engine cars, GTAs etc – In the end it costs more to have it done twice!

ALFA ROMEO & FIAT cam belt replacement times are higher than what we suggest, due to the failures we see so many of, we advise slightly early replacement times.

Alfa Romeo has tried to make the Giulietta a bit more approachable, by shortening the ‘Quadrifoglio Verde’ moniker to straight-up QV.

The car is a Corolla-sized hatchback, and in its most-sporty guise here, now packs a 177k W/340Nm turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

All timing belt systems consist of all belts, all tensioners and guide rollers.

All these items wear & should be replaced together failing to do so will result in possible noisy rollers, rollers seizing or tensioners breaking up.

Many of these engines are the same as those fitted to Alfa Romeo cars.