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It is scheduled for release on both PC and console platforms. Our goal is to build and foster a local community of people currently working in or interested in the development and application of AR/VR/MR experiences.


Museum Staff Each year, the YHC hires 5-6 employees as Museum Staff.

After graudating from a bilingual Czech-Spanish high school, Anna went on to recieve a B. She and her team won a presitgious design prize for their fashion editorials.

That’s why she is currently President of the Czech Jewish Youth organization.

Today, Anna works as a public relations consultant, freelance fashion editor, and communication specialist.

CLEVR IS THE COMMUNITY ARM OF THE CLEVELAND VISION The Cleveland Vision is a nonprofit organization launched in the fall of 2016 with a mission to improve Cleveland's socioeconomic conditions by channeling the ingenuity of Clevelanders towards the creation of high demand AR/VR based content, products and services.

Frank Neitz, President – Frank was born and raised in rural Montana.

OPIE is there to provide the guidance and resources needed to succeed.

CLEVR welcomes Youngstown, Ohio based Enyx Studios for a sneak peak at their Virtual Reality game entitled "A Haunting - Witching Hour". NEW FRONT is designed to introduce innovative controls to pilot a unique spacecraft to navigate and maneuver through a quadrant of space.

LATE ADDITION : CIA's AUSTIN HALLER PRESENTS "NEW FRONT" Graudating Senior Austin Haller from the Cleveland Institute of Art Game Design Program will present his thesis VR Game NEW FRONT.

We are aiming for two monthly Meetups: one focused on sharing AR/VR/MR experiences, featuring speakers, device demos, and Q&As with industry professionals; the second being more informal and discussion-based in a social setting We hope to feature as many local visionaries as possible, so if you have a product, service, event or project you’d like to promote or present (VR/AR/MR-related, of course), please contact us at [email protected] let’s chat!

After graudating from West Yellwostone High School in 2011, she continued her education at Carroll College in Helena, Montana.