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Note that this knife does not have the tweezers and toothpick.

Apart from the scratches on the blades this knife is in excellent condition.

Thankfully, Max’s character left the show after Season 3 (RIP), so if things were to turn sour for the couple, we can rest assured knowing it won’t add any outside drama to our fave show.

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Male (25-35), living in Rockies, retiring or working PT within 6 months. South Central, Pennsylvania(geographic area, not city name).

26 / M / Straight, Baltimore MD, unable to relocate due to job (for another nine years). looks don't matter to me as much as a kind, warm heart, frugal nature but emotionally generous.

It was made in the 1950s and it was probably known as model 234.

It has a shackle (or bail) instead of a key ring, the older, triangular type reamer and a clip point small blade. This is a Victorinox pocket knife that is basically an older version of the current Spartan model.

Other sights of interest: Villa Agnelli (the current Hotel Augustus) equipped with an underpass leading directly to the beach and the Capannina di Franceschi club, the oldest Italian night, inaugurated in 1929 and still attracting thousands of people thanks to its '70s parties.

There is also a wide range of superb hotels and bathing establishments all along the town.We have now spent over a month together including our first Christmas together and we both feel very strongly about each other and our future together.I had only been on Oasis a couple of days, an Oasis user by the alias of Eve-Alexandra contacted me and I accepted. I'm (finally) getting into a groove dating-wise, but I'm not yet attached, and like-minded ERErs move to the front of the line!I've got a few posts in here you can feel free to check me out. But I'm on a few other sites you can PM me for details.Colton and Holland were constantly confronted about being in a relationship, and instead of shying away from the topic, the two joked about their hot romance. Tyler Posey — We guess Holland figured she might as well continue the streak.