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She holds traditional values, and according to Patrick, "she won't put out".

How To Save Johnny Klebitz From Trevor In GTA 5 GTA 4 TLAD Alternate Ending... What if Kate amp Roman survived during the final missions?

A native of northern California, she divides her time between dreaming of beautiful, hear...

If your percentage of like-ability is high (Check the Score choice on the Stats page) you will most likely get some "coffee" from her, if not, just head out and take care of business as usual.

You also need to be on time when showing up for a date.

It isn't too lively right now, but as members submit them, they will be come readily availible for your use. Grand Theft Auto captured 5 out of the 19 awards at the Golden Joystick Awards in London in the beginning of the month. Don't forget to check out the e-mails, they contain some info as well... Link: Official GTA LCS Site Well the first nuggets of info are starting to come through now that suggest San Andreas will be re-released without the hot coffee scenes near the end of this month.

* Play Station 2 Game of the Year * BBC Radio One - Colin and Edith's Best Game Soundtrack of 2005 * Hero of 2005 (CJ) * Villain of 2005 (Officer Tenpenny) * Nuts Magazine's Ultimate Game of 2005 Source The official GTA Liberty City Stories site has been updated. It has been suggested by that San Andreas will be ready to ship on the 29th of August.Her stat at 80%, a "thumbs up" after the date but a bad date in the stats. The second time, as the first, I came in time, with the original clothes of Niko, driving a Patriot, took her to Steinway Beer Garden and only saluted. If something comes up before you get there, call and cancel instead of getting an irate girlfriend.You can arrange dates with them via your cell phone or accept dates when they call you.This new version of the game promises to come "clean" and not contain any hidden sexual scenes, however it still remains to be seen whether retailers will welcome this news.