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's Total Divas, you're probably already obsessed with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan.Sparks first flew between the two when they worked on a storyline together for WWE in 2012, though Daniel admits "it was shortly before our storyline ended [that] we kind of started dating each other." The pair tied the knot in April 2014, and unlike her sister Nikki Bella and John Cena, who are a lot more glamorous and over-the-top, the couple is super laid-back, enjoys the simpler things in life, and are constantly promoting humanitarian causes.Brie Bella stepped away from wrestling after a match at Wrestle Mania 32 to focus on building a family with husband Daniel Bryan (who also recently retired from competition), and with Nikki Bella recovering from neck surgery, WWE is missing the star female performers for the first time since their year-long absence in 2012.

Bryan began his career in 1999 when he first went to Dean Malenko's wrestling school.

However, he then changed to Shawn Michaels' school after Malenko's had closed down.

"Like, it's weird that I'm here." He replied by telling her to watch him jump rope. Bella and Nikki Have a Fight While traveling with Bryan, Brie had a conference call scheduled with Nikki Bella and their managers. Her ensemble consisted of glow-in-the-dark glasses, a grill and leotard, but she decided she needed matching kneepads as well.

Unfortunately, the internet wasn't working at the hotel, and Brie completely missed the call. After test-running it for the producers three times, she was cleared to do it live, and it went great.

According to WWE (and as seen in the teaser trailer), the two couples actually moved into the same house to film the show.

Cena has been out of action since undergoing shoulder surgery in January, but has seemingly been on television even more than usual.

They didn't want to put their careers before their marriages — or did they? I just feel so unprofessional right now." When she finally got Brie on the phone, she gave her sister an earful. You should have gone to a Starbucks," Nikki barked when Brie said she was having trouble connecting at her hotel. "It's not fair," Nikki huffed, still bent out of shape.

"I feel like everyone's looking at me," she whined as she snuggled next to him backstage. Back at home, Trinity tried on her gear but was frustrated that it wasn't right just yet.

The married couple, who met while wrestling for WWE, have both retired from in-ring action, however Bella is open to competing inside the squared-circle once again.

I'm sure that, just like her mother, she's going to steal my heart," added Bryan.

You lose your waist but gain boobs and a butt (mine are really starting to look like Nikki's 😎) but then I thought how much I'm loving how voluptuous I'm becoming.