Is john corbett still dating bo derek

Had Derek starred in this Nicholas Ray masterpiece his career might have progressed differently.

Corbett was subsequently cast in the lead in a number of short-lived series including "The Visitor" (Fox, 1997-98) but was transformed into a sex symbol when he played columnist Carrie Bradshaw's (Sarah Jessica Parker) blue-collar love interest - and crowd-pleasing alternative to her villainous ex Mr.

Big - in the generation-defining HBO series "Sex and the City" (1998-2004).

Though some of her films enjoyed box-office success, her performance was repetitively criticised.

A few years after her husband’s death, she became involved with actor John Corbett.

As a hardened youth, whose dictum is to "live fast, die young and make a good-looking corpse", Derek made a favourable impression and was immediately cast in Robert Rossen's All The King's Men (1949) as the disillusioned adopted son of an initially honest politician corrupted by power.

Derek's sincere performance in the Oscar-winning film was critically praised, but Santana, having brought Dorothy Hughes' book In A Lonely Place as a vehicle for Derek, instead converted the hero to an older man so that Bogart could do it.WITH HIS dark, wavy hair and clean-cut handsomeness, John Derek became a favourite film star of teenagers in the early Fifties, but never fulfilled the promise as an actor that his early performances in such films as Knock on Any Door and All the King's Men suggested.He eventually concentrated on photography and film production, and became best known as the husband and Svengali-like manager of Bo Derek.It was also her first speaking part, all of three words.At 16, Collins was introduced to actor/director/cinematographer John Derek, with whom she became both professionally and romantically involved.Her first major role was in the film ‘10’ which launched her status as an iconic sex symbol.