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Here are a few nuggets about Valentine’s personal and professional life that were previously under wraps. Singing to the Beatles and falling onstage mark the extremes of Valentine’s career.

Do you want to step up and be the one who gives the loved one a jolt in the arm?

Finding the right place to chat and laugh goes a long way into redeveloping the chemistry that may have grown stagnant. You should do this with a simple phone call or text message that says “hello love, happy Valentine’s Day.” Doing so will let that special someone know that they were the first person on your mind. I haven’t forgotten about the single people out there.

He even cited his favorite Halloween-themed album in Staff Picks.

(Spoiler: he choose Naked City’s Naked City because of Bill Frisell.) Then, just prior to his band’s big 2015 World Tour in support of V, Valentine let his fans ask the questions when he took over our Facebook account for 90 minutes.

Katy Perry's new album has arrived just in time to soothe a lot of broken hearts before the weekend.

With much fanfare and Ziggy Stardust-inspired makeup (or is it Lady Gaga-inspired at this point?

Take the time to cuddle and caress your mate as it assures them of a great day ahead.

The second thing that has to be done is the purchase of a random subtle item that will serve as a gift.

However, it was apparent Harden didn't harbor the same sentiments as Rose, as he spent Valentine's Day with "LHHNY" reality star Tahiry Jose, as evidenced by the latter's Instagram photo showing Harden and Jose cheek to cheek at New York's Highline Ballroom where the NBA hosted its All-Star weekend extravaganza that night.

Rose, who filed for divorce from Khalifa, 27, in September 2014 after a year of marriage, had been sending out feelers for a reconciliation last December.

Lyrically it’s funny and serious at the same time: “Any major dude with half a heart surely would tell you my friend, that any minor world that breaks apart falls together again.” While making fun of this narrator’s stoner-speak, they still impart a positive affirmation.