dating for 3 years anniversary ideas Jquery not validating on submit

I am usinng j Query validation plugin, and have used so many times for form validating but facing this issue first time and don't understand why not validating.

jquery not validating on submit-59

UPDATE: I have moved the validate() outside the "click" event into document "ready" event and now it fires off when the document is loaded outputting message in the console "nothing selected, can't validate, returning nothing" This is not how I want it to work obviously, so how do I attach it to the click event?

UPDATE 2: Thanks to @NXT i finally make the validation run, however "submit Handler" is still not working and I need to use it to make Ajax call, because the form must be submitted without a page reload.

I need this validation to fire when the div button is clicked.

If the validation is successful, I want it to alert "is good".

Individual forms have their individual save button on which individual form gets validated and if valid (using jquery validator .valid() method) then record gets saved in Database which is working fine.

Problem we are facing here is that when in the last form which is the final submit, when we try to validate all other forms for its validation using .valid() method, it always returns true irrespective of the wrong validations.

I would be glad for some rested eyes to take a quick look. This simple form just submits and does not validate.

My problem is in a bigger form but I found out I should test it simple first.

Actually I wanted to check weather all other forms are valid before actually submitting the complete application data ...

Is there any way if not .valid() check I can check the same before submitting the form ?

I have read everything I could find here on this subject.