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This means that meals are always served to the passengers via Flying Chefs who gives professional support to cabin crew during the meal preparation on board.

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Realizado pela Yamato Comunicações e Eventos, o Anime Friends é patrocinado pela Level Up, Saga, Devir Brasil e Riot Games.

“Ao todo são mais de 120 empresas participantes entre estandistas, fornecedores, prestadores de serviços, apoiadores e patrocinadores”, ressalta o presidente da Yamato, Takashi Tikasawa.

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Any list of the hottest royal women should absolutely include Rania al Abdullah.Some of them are the wives and daughters of the world's richest royals, too.The question is, who do you believe is the best looking of all?Cape Town – Gone are the days of bad resolution palm-sized screens to keep you occupied on your flight for 16 hours straight. We welcome in-flight live-streaming and Michelin-starred feasts.Banished are bad food trays and left behind are the airlines who still give no regard to their carbon footprint. SEE: Aviation Dominance: Into the growth slipstreams of emerging gulf carriers Aviation in every sense of the word is on the rise.She's more commonly known as Queen Rania of Jordan, and she's anything but common.