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“The error was not contingent on the specific behaviors of the subjects of the study,” explains Agarwal.

Or the Lothario who boasts that he could easily get sex after midnight if he wanted to, all thanks to the (seemingly) millions of options available to him and his generational cohorts on Tinder and other dating apps. A 2014 Gallup poll shows 18- to 29-year-olds reveal they texted “a lot” the day before.

Text messages now outpace voice calls as the main communication among millennials.

“You just type a response into that little box under the text you’ve received.

You could say literally anything to at least acknowledge that you received the text in question.” Surveys found that I’d appreciate a direct response to my question such as “sure I’ll be there,” or “Sorry, can’t make it,” but even a “Sorry I’m kinda swamped right now” would be preferable to the zero response rate I’m currently receiving from certain subjects of the study, Mark.

"One time, I kept my knee-high black leather boots on when my boyfriend and I had sex.

Something about the experience made things really intense.

According to Agarwal, the data collected is basically unnecessary and the conclusion is obvious because “duh, it’s so simple.

Just text back.” Subsequent tests attempted to poke holes in this thesis, allowing room for error in the text recipient’s cell phone service provider, a missed text, or a toddler stealing their phone, but follow up texts disproved this theory.

I'm here to answer the question: is the 'fuckboy' style of texting actually a valuable tool? But I wouldn't completely abandon the dick jokes either.

Think about it - if a guy is only looking for sex but doesn't tell a girl right away, then she might be walking into the first meet up looking for more. But if they throw in a subtle (or not so subtle) sexual reference, it gets the message across.

It becomes a dirty game of Pictionary that we act out later." "My fiancé texted me and asked what I wanted for dinner, so I playfully texted back '170 pounds of man meat' with a smiley face.