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She happens to be deaf, but she grieved like any college student would when her father [Angelo, played by Gilles Marini] died.

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“I pinch myself every day and think, ‘Man, I can’t believe this is real,'” co-star Leclerc tells Zap2it of the ongoing ride “Switched at Birth” has given her.“My favorite thing about Daphne is that she’s just a regular girl.Prior to this role, which he began in 2011, Berdy was featured in the child-friendly sequel "The Sandlot 2," also starring Max Lloyd-Jones and Cole Evan Weiss.In the ABC Family Channel show SWITCHED AT BIRTH, life has been more unexpected than Bay Kennish (Vanessa Marano) could have ever imagined since she found out that she was switched-at-birth. VANESSA: What I love so much is that I’ve been able to watch the character grow for four years — from where she started off, she was this spoiled, self-centered, angry, rebellious brat to who she is now, someone who is incredibly selfless and fearless. But I think the writers wanted to show that this is the life that Bay is lucky not to have and, with all the craziness that is going on with her, I think that she forgets that there are people dealing with issues every single day, not just one instance.So her friendship with Tess is like the only one that is sane.

If you go back to the first season, Bay was kind of lashing out with her artwork — particularly when she was hanging out with Zarra. She was just so angry about the situation with Emmett and she was really doing it to get her aggression out — opposed to doing it to represent something beautiful, like Tess’ love for her son. It’s like: are they going to be friends or are they not going to be friends?

So it is the first time that she is doing art not to just for her. Thankfully, they are in a very good place right now. Daphne is someone that Bay has been so jealous of, like Daphne was so perfect and now she’s spiraling out of control and isn’t perfect anymore; and rather than Bay being, “Ha ha! It’s funny because our show is about nature versus nurture.

Actresses Constance Marie, Vanessa Marano, Katie Leclerc and Lea Thompson arrive at ABC Family's 'Switched At Birth' Fall Premiere & Book Launch Party at The Redbury Hotel on September 13, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

She has appeared on the TV series Without a Trace, Gilmore Girls, Ghost Whisperer, Scoundrels and The Young and the Restless, among others.

She is currently a main character on Switched at Birth, where she stars as Bay Kennish.

Bay and Daphne, the two teenagers in question have led very different lives, and a lot of that comes up in the first season, which is primarily about how the two families decide to live together in order to get to know the other daughter/family they were “supposed” to have.