Liquidating of jewish ghettos

Then Joseph murmurs 'That's the manhole, in Krakusa Street.' On 13 March 1943, the Nazis liquidated the Krakow ghetto and sent the remaining inhabitants to Plaszow or Auschwitz.

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In Lodz, over 10,000 Jews, including most of the Jewish intelligentsia, were deported in December 1939.

For weeks the deportees were kept at assembly points, and had to supply their own means of subsistence, though they had been deprived of all their valuables. The Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944; Lodzkie Getto, 1940-1944; Vademecum.

Hitler incorporated the western part of Poland into Germany according to race doctrine.

He intended that Poles were to become the slaves of Germany and that the two million Jews therein were to be concentrated in ghettos in Poland's larger cities.

*Note: "Warthegau" (or "Wartheland") refers to the section of Poland annexed by the Reich during World War II, and included the entire Poznan province, most of the Lodz province, five Pomeranian districts, and one county of the Warsaw province; see map.

Table A: Liquidation of Jewish Population in the Lodz Ghetto, 1942-1944 [1] *About 72,000 persons were transported to Auschwitz at that time. Poland, of course, was the first country to be conquered by Nazi Germany.Immediately, the persecution of Jews began, as Nazi soldiers mocked and bullied vulnerable Jews in the street.Jewish patients were expelled from the hospitals, and schools were closed to Jewish children.In 1940, the synagogues were closed and Jewish prayers forbidden.Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.