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Miss Malcolm's case has a long history and was returned to the tribunal from the Court of Session in Edinburgh, where a judge said the time and expense involved in Margaret Malcolm's row with Dundee City Council was "staggering".Lord Malcolm called for a deal to be reached and chronicled the "long and complicated saga" which an employment appeals tribunal had described as "a mess".In 2015, he also joined Nummelin Motorsport Group to drive their Mazda RX7 and assist with the testing and development of NA Tires from Argentina.

During the show, which was broadcasting live from the RSPB Minsmere reserve in Suffolk before the watershed, presenter and nature expert Packham, 55, made a cheeky reference to some of the resident birds.After a film about the animals, during which they were seen scratching themselves she exclaimed: 'I can scratch my own badger,' as she revealed she was sporting a t-shirt with a picture of a badger on it.A longstanding rivalry (principally over the Bailieship of Cunninghame) was now a vendetta.During the 16th century the long-running feud continued.There is a story that states that Malcolm who was the son of Friskin, obtained the lands from Malcolm III of Scotland after he had sheltered him under hay in a barn and this is said to have given rise to the family's coat of arms which is of a shake-fork, as well as the motto Over fork over.

Another theory is that the Cunninghams were great allies of the Clan Comyn, whose shield bore sheaves of corn and that when the great Comyn dynasty was overthrown by the Clan Bruce, the Cunninghams adopted the shake-fork that is used to fork over sheaves of corn, therefore being a reference to their former allies.

Beyond his driving career, he is working as a consultant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as well as working part time as a racing coach/instructor and as a driving specialist.

Championship successes: Prominent race successes include winning the 2006 Fall Classic at Mont Tremblant in the GT1 class, finishing third in 2004 American GT race at Mosport in a 1979 Trans-Am Corvette against more powerful, modern Trans-Am cars, a top-15 finish in the highly-competitive GS class in the Koni Challenge Series, along with other great finishes usually against more expensive and more powerful machinery.

SIR – During the extensive flooding on the Somerset Levels in 2014, it was revealed that the Environment Agency had stopped dredging some years earlier, following an EU directive that prioritised wetlands for wildlife over farming.

This was eventually identified as a major cause of the flooding.

It would be interesting to know how much dredging has been done in Yorkshire over the past few years.