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Two weeks ago, just the word “investing” caused me anxiety. It was 1982 and Bruce was serving as the High Holiday Cantorial Soloist at Or Chadash, Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian synagogue. “Who could miss him with the red beard and all the hair he once had? The host, Anne Robinson, sent chills down my spine.

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Mary Ruland | @IRule This Land__ For as long as I can remember, I was forever single.

I had moments of complete satisfaction being alone.

He was cute.”With dating often comes heartbreak, and we sometimes deal with the excruciating pain of break-ups in unhealthy ways: rebound hookups, eating tubs of ice cream while binge-watching TV, fixating on our hang-ups and convincing ourselves we are unworthy of love… I have been single for my entire life except for three months of high school when I dated someone I refused to kiss (Even at 14, I had the foresight to know he wasn’t worth it).

I have dated people I’ve met on dating apps and at bars, but our relationships never panned out to anything serious enough to deserve a title.

DNA might not be good to some men (short or physically unattractive) but most guys can work on the skills and appearance necessary to increase their attractiveness and be unicorn-like. It’s a blessing because they don’t need a man strictly for finances.

The Dating 2.0 landscape is very different that the one men over 40 dealt with in their youth. This gives them dating options they usually don’t exercise because of the curse of financial independence – hypergamy.

My two go-to sources are Evan Marc Katz and Moxie (links below).

Those two I consider to be giving some of the best advice around for the over 35 crowd.

By Elaina Moradi – Moxie Intern “Grab my wrist,” Amanda Costopoulos, 20, said with excitement in her eyes.

When her boyfriend grabs her, she moves so swiftly everyone in the room is left dumbfounded when he ends up being the one on the ground.

The mainstream, blue pill dating and relationship advice – usually dispensed by women – is actually destructive to dating and relationships.