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Will Schuester-Sue Sylvester: Damnit Sue, please stop.

Sue Sylvester: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, I was too busy browsing online for toilets small enough for your buttchin.

Schuester] My love, There's only you in my life the only thing that's right [Rachel] My first love You're every breath that I take you're every step I make [Mr. Schuester] I want to share [Both] All my love with you [Mr. Schuester] (oooo) [Both] I'll hold you close in my arms I can't resist your charms [Rachel] And love [Mr.

Schuester] ohh love [Both] I'll be a fool For you, I'm sure [Rachel] You know I don't mind [Mr.

James and became the surrogate for Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson's child.

Rachel claims a three-octave range (like Quinn has), though she only sings covering two, and is a true soprano who can comfortably reach the lower end of this as well as some high notes which may be falsetto though they are still strong. The Book Dumb star quarterback and football captain with Hidden Depths: he loves to sing and dance.

But, wait — we’re not sure they’ve quite consummated that cohabitation yet.

We predict a little competition in their future, though. Marcus: If you’re the last person to know, we truly apologize — but Chord Overstreet is gone.

When high school journo Jacob Ben Israel asked Mercedes (Amber Riley) if she was still dating Sam (Chord Overstreet) at the beginning of “Glee’s” season 3 premiere, she replied, “Honey, that is so June.” She’s right. With that in mind, we’ve assembled this handy list of the many tangled “Glee” romantic entanglements and where they stand (if anywhere) as of this fall. Kurt & Blaine: Speaking of Kurt, he and Blaine will now conduct their very civilized and mature relationship in close proximity since Blaine transfered to Mc Kinley High and immediately joined the glee club.

It would seem Emma’s still having intimacy problems. Rachel & Finn: The odd couple is back together, though Rachel’s Broadway-bound bond to Kurt struck us as way stronger than anything she’s got going on with Finn. We meet our true BFFs while boyfriends come and go.

Ok so April 26, a special 90 minute episode of Glee is airing! Schuester teaches the Glee club to accept what makes you unique through the music of Lady Gaga. I have no idea if this means that they might become a couple or if its something else.

Quinn and the guest star (not sure who it is) go head-to-head for the Prom Queen. But I completely doubt it sooo please dont get your hopes up about it, its just a theory.

Is best friends with Puck and is/was dating Rachel.