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To help out, we’ve gathered a couple of the best ways MS Outlook users can set up a unified inbox – or as close to one as Outlook will allow.

After enabling automatic schedule option, if Outlook 2010 fails to update inbox folder automatically, then try below steps and check outcome: If these settings are already enabled in Outlook 2010 and same problem persists, then remove and re-add Outlook 2010 account and check the result.

In case this method is not succeeded, you might have configured PST file improperly in Outlook 2010.

Although this method is easy, there is unfortunately no way to save your search – requiring you to perform a search every time you need it.

If you check your recent searches from the “Search” menu, you may be able to select it.

As a basic remedy Outlook 2010 users can go as per following instructions: First go to “Send/Receive” tab on Outlook ribbon bar; select “Send/Receive Groups” - click on “Define Send/Receive Groups…” option.

Then tick on "Schedule an automatic send/receive entry" and specify time limit.

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PST files are actually fairly complex databases that contain your mail, your calendar, your contacts, and even more when you use Microsoft Office’s Outlook mail program.

However, this only lets you create search folders using data from individual accounts – Not something we can use to make a full Outlook unified inbox with.

Skill Level – The reason being is you need to create a new rule for each account to send it’s messages (with it’s account category applied) to your new Unified Inbox folder.

Is it necessary to go for reinstallation or reconfiguration of Outlook 2010 application?