Nigerian parents and dating

Now, I'm sure certain family members and friends reading this are rolling their eyes right about now (that's right, I can see you, rolling your eyes, through the computer). I have no problem admitting, "I don't know," or "I don't know what to say," and I'm quick to question self-proclaimed "relationship experts" and "gurus." From time to time I get emails from you, my readers, asking for relationship advice and honestly, I feel just about as qualified to give relationship advice as I did when I was in fifth grade (although I gave some pretty darn good advice for a 10 year-old). This week I'm sharing one of those emails which touches upon one of the most mystifying yet uninentionally hilarious creatures known to man: the African parent. Let's take a look: I'm Shola O.*, a senior kinesiology major at the University of Maryland, College Park.

my parents are constantly telling im disgracing myself and our family by being around him so much with out being married.its summer vaca and im staying with my parents and durng the school year my bf and i are about 2hrs away so we are just trying to spend as much time together as possible.Frequently, their parent's mindset is that people that are different inferior.Additionally, the attitude that others are somehow inferior to Nigerians or members of a specific group and therefore not worthy of marriage is not a healthy or sustainable approach.Many Nigerian parents expect their children to eventually marry an individual that is of the same religion and tribe.

One of the reasons usually given for this attitude is that doing such will lessen marital strife.should i tell my parents to chill and respect my descions or, am i really hanging with him too much? I am not Igbo nor Nigerian so it would be hard for me to give advice. Don't become one of the infamous NL threads that post "I was with him for (9) years and he didn't marry me?Honestly I know how important family is in your culture and there is nothing wrong with that howeverif this is the man that you hope to build a family of your own with, why should you have to hide or worry about disgracing your folks? You must know though that in a serious relationship the more time you spend with a man you are not married to, the more you withdraw from your marriage account explaining that means the more he knows about you too quickly the less he wants to marry you, be aware that if you plan to be together for 2years then you may want to systematically play hard to get and court eachother as opposed to date , looks like the same but you may want to think about it again. " Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free ? and once in a while, it might be helpful to listen to your parents.adaigbo: So i am nigerian, but born and raised in the us.However, the treatment my friends have received, from my parents, makes me very anxious to bring home a white male.It seems interracial relationships are highly frowned upon in the Nigerian community. I'm interested to know how your husband's and your parents/family reacted and interacted since y'all got together?Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Nigerian Parents And Dating As A Nigerian-american (2114 Views) Cost Of Dating As A Guy. / Yoruba Women (and dating) (1) (2) (3) (4) So i am nigerian, but born and raised in the us.