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Down’s syndrome usually occurs because of a chance happening at the time of conception As yet we do not know what causes the presence of an extra chromosome 21. There is no way of predicting whether a person is more or less likely to make and egg or sperm with 24 chromosomes.

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Some of their speech development can follow normal development; some of their speech development follows a disordered/non typical pattern; speech errors can persist; there is a greater delay of their speech development compared to their mental age.Babbling is important and is likely to last longer that you would expect. The focus of this programme is on reading and writing.People with Down's may have certain physical characteristics, such as eyes that slant upwards and outwards, a single crease running across the palm of the hand, low-set ears and small hands.Certain medical conditions are more likely to occur in people with Down syndrome.Ideally working together with a speech and language therapist (SLT) you will develop a programme for your individual child and the SLT will help you monitor progress and guide you through the process of speech development. You are showing the child the picture cards and saying the sound only.

You are expecting your child to listen and look only and if they imitate the sound that is a bonus.

British physician John Langdon Down first described Down syndrome as a unique disorder in 1866.

Despite this relatively recent identification of the condition, paintings and sculptures have depicted Down syndrome for centuries.

The earliest probable case of Down syndrome in the archaeological record comes from a 5- to 7-year-old child who lived in medieval France some 1,500 years ago, new research shows.

The child, who is also the youngest example of the condition in the archaeological record, likely was not stigmatized in life, given that the body was treated in a similar way to others buried at the site, researchers say.

Archaeologists originally discovered the skeleton of the child in 1989, when they excavated it along with 93 other skeletons from a fifth- to sixth-century necropolis located just south of the Abbey of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes in northeastern France.