Not updating since new heads added

Jessica Head [Updated on 6th September] Gwen Head [Updated on 6th September] Annie Human Head [Updated on 6th September] Annie Vampire Head [Updated on 6th September] Sarah Head [Updated on 6th September] Candy Head [Updated on 8th September] Aisha Head [Updated on 8th September] Linda Head [Updated on 8th September] Cindy Head [Updated on 8th September] Alice Head [Updated on 8th September] Helena Head [Updated on 14th September] Amy Head [Updated on 14th September] Dyana Head [Updated on 14th September] Cami Head [Updated on 20th September] Bibi Head [Updated on 20th September] Destiny Head [Updated on 20th September] Amelie Head [Updated on 20th September] Tumble Head [Updated on 20th September] Anna Grey Head [Released as V4.10, Already Updated] Apply your own texture button on skins tab is removed, due to many copybotted skins UUID codes being spread everywhere. but please try the new Main HUD first The whole head have been recreated from scratch to be able to have the upgraded animations, so you shouldn’t expect the exact same copy of the older version of Annie V4.5.However, you can still use my FREE Kit to be able to apply your OWN textures on your heads. Old version will be included inside the new version’s pack just in case you would like to go back to it but it will NOT work with the new Add-On [Only for old buyers will get the old version, New vendor will not have the old pack inside it].

not updating since new heads added-23

Basically, when pulling from the remote, I end up ahead of the remote, even if I reset all changes and try again.This is what I've done: I have forked a git repository, cloned the upstream version (which I don't have write access to) and then added my own fork to the list of remotes, so that $ git remote -v mine [email protected]:tlycken/(fetch) mine [email protected]:tlycken/(push) origin git:// Lang/(fetch) origin git:// Lang/(push) FETCH_HEAD Already up-to-date.And here comes the juiciest part, the one that this post was written for in the first place - making your repo include all changes made in the main repo.Let's say a new file called [email protected]:~/blog-example-fork$ git checkout master Switched to branch 'master' [email protected]:~/blog-example-fork$ ls [email protected]:~/blog-example-fork$ git fetch upstream remote: Counting objects: 6, done. remote: Total 4 (delta 0), reused 4 (delta 0) Unpacking objects: 100% (4/4), done.-Reset skin button, second tab -Reset Makeup button, second tab -Reset all button, second tab -Beard tint button, second tab -After each texture change, the head should force the layer to blend, hope this will kill the white layers issue, and also help the texture to rez faster -Added few more freebie tattoos and makeup textures All Male skins are now updated to be compatible with Clef de Peau body appliers.

Don't be too quick to dismiss submodules just because you heard they're bad.

If you still want to stick to the L’etre ones which you already have please do not delete your old Main HUD and you still can use it for all my current and future male heads.

To get the updates you can use the redelivery at CATWA main store. -Low Quality Blinking speed is added to animations HUD [The Slowest button on left], This can be useful for laggy sims.

-API button, for 3rd party scripters to call the animations, channel: -8386 can call the animations by the names: exp0 exp1 exp2 until exp23 -After sitting, the head should recall the current activate animation -Default lips can all be deactivated -Shorter delay time is added -Save and reload preset look buttons.

Save all the applied textures with their tint and blend settings to a preset look button on master HUD second tab, to recall again, this can help quickly move your look [textures settings] from one head to another.

From * [new branch] master [email protected]:~/blog-example-fork$ git status # On branch master # Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 3 commits. Writing objects: 100% (4/4), 598 bytes | 0 bytes/s, done.