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As a counsellor and therapist who offers both, my experience is that neither is better or worse than the other, they are just different.

Each approach to therapy has its own advantages and benefits.

Algorithms submitted to the Face Compliance Verification to ISO standard (FICV) benchmark area are required to check the compliance of face images to ISO/IEC 19794-5 standard. SCface - Surveillance Cameras Face Database SCface is a database of static images of human faces.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first available benchmark that directly assesses the accuracy of algorithms to automatically verify the compliance of face images to the ISO standard, in the attempt of semi-automating the document issuing process. Images were taken in uncontrolled indoor environment using five video surveillance cameras of various qualities.

Because the equipment had to be reassembled for each session, there was some minor variation in images collected on different dates.

Wayman, Best Practices in Testing and Reporting Performance of Biometric Devices, NPL Report CMSC 14/02, August 2002 download here, 406 k B K. The database collection was a collaborative effort between Dr. To maintain a degree of consistency throughout the database, the same physical setup was used in each photography session.

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