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If you want to calculate the price of a product, without that tax, sometimes the result is not a nice round number.

For example, if you are selling a product at £9.99, then the exact price without tax is £8.325.

Paypal, unfortunately, won't allow prices set to three decimal places.

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Whatever you send, you can't get Paypal to charge the customer £9.99 including tax.Since such viruses have a lot of features added to them, because they are sold on the black market as whole kits, they may also have the feature of displaying a phishing page to get users to login their Pay Pal account via the fake web page.This may happen when they have detected users to try and login the official Pay Pal web-page or even randomly. Such as a domain with 2 phishing sites, 3 pony panels, an ISRStealer panel, and no other content can be found. Phishing URLs and kits on probably-compromised sites. Paypal_v1.2_MOD_Septian_v1.0 (1) (ss (1).br/pagee/dropbox/br/pagee/ (ss (1).br/ourtime/Ourtime 2 (1).br/oba/Googledrve/auth/view/share/br/oba/ 3 - 2 (1).br/folly/ new new SSSS35245667/out00k76282899891sxbvas/mailbox/Hotmail/ SSSS35245667/out00k76282899891sxbvas/[email protected]#%^@&! Such as the ones that have no phishing landing site of their own, they simply accept POST data from html attachments, etc. Writing alone can be more effective than writing with a whole bunch of collaborators.