Personal cam sight

Like last year 20% of what we raise will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the rest will go to Cam Sight and our entry fee to the ride has once again been generously covered by ARM.

Here are the tandem riders, pilot then stoker Tom Isaac and Warren Wilson Sean Rock and Louise Simpson Chris Porter and Yijing Zhang Paul Bird and Harshadha Balasubramanian John Wells and Rojimon Cherian Cam Sight is a charity supporting blind and visually impaired people in Cambridgeshire.

Learning you are visually impaired is a daunting prospect, not least for a teenager, but thanks to Cam Sight Katie, 18, has been able to deal with her condition confidently and now volunteers for the charity.

Katie was just 13 when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) which is a condition that has no cure and means she can’t see to the side, below or in dim light.

Recently we’ve seen a lot of press about ‘personal CCTV’ (also known as sousveillance) and along with it, a lot of questions surrounding its legality and the infringement on privacy that it may cause.

As security experts we thought we would take a look into it and the legislation surrounding it.

It was when I came to terms with my sight loss and I can’t thank the charity enough for all the support they have given me.

“Cam Sight has been so supportive and did cane training with me which means I feel confident going out on my own.

She said: “At first I just thought I’d deal with it on my own but actually being able to talk about what was happening with people who understood was really helpful to come to terms with the situation.

By going to Cam Sight I was admitting to myself that I did have a problem and accepting the situation.

Working in the security industry, we know that there are a huge number of regulations, standards and laws that we must abide by.

Whether those are the British Standards that make us leaders in remote monitoring or government legislation surrounding the use of CCTV that ensure privacy and security are maintained – we know that we must comply with a whole host of different rules.

Last year we raised over £3000 and we would like to better that total this year.